Welcome to peter.mccullagh.ninja, my new blog.

I started blogging on 21st September 2011. My old blog is available at “petermccullagh.blogspot.com”. At that time I chose blogger.com because I figured that:

1) It was a specialist blogging site. I thought this would mean that there would be lots of functionality and lots of innovation

2) I knew that blogger was owned by Google. So I thought that my random musings would be easy enough to find when searching from Google.

3) I knew that it was free and hoped that it would remain so.

Only the third of these really turned out to be true. In relation to innovation: I am unaware of any significant changes since I started using it. In relation to search: if I go to my old blog, and search for “Nimoy”, it tells me there are no hits, even though I know there are quite a few postings which mention Leonard Nimoy!

Note: I suspect that some of these poor search results are caused by the fact that blogger.com, blogspot.com, and blogspot.ie are all at play when I access my blog. The whole thing is really quite ridiculous.

So it’s goodbye to Blogger, and hello to WordPress on my own virtual server.