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Month: August 2015

Simon Pegg – luckiest man in cinema

In my last post, I talked about “Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation”. In this post I want to mention two other men from that movie, whom I regard as the luckiest men in cinema.

As well as being in the M:I series, Jeremy Renner is also in Marvel movies (the two Avengers movies to date and the upcoming Captain America movie) and he even starred in a Bourne movie (which, strangely, I haven’t seen yet!)

Even luckier is Simon Pegg. I have liked Pegg for a long time. I have “Spaced” on DVD and I enjoyed movies like “Run Fatboy Run”. As well as M:I, Pegg is involved in Star Trek and now Star Wars!! So Simon Pegg is the man who has united the (supposedly conflicting) worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars!

There’s a promo video out now which has him saying: “My whole life has lead to this. I’m in heaven” and “It’s Star Wars. I’d burn for Star Wars”.

Luckiest man in the world: I think so. Here’s a picture of him on the set of Star Wars:


Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

I went to see “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” in the cinema the other day. Really enjoyed it. Tom Cruise really seems to be trying to ramp up the action in each movie of the series and that really suits me! The movie is scoring 7.8 in IMDB as I wrote and 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Rebecca Ferguson seems to have come out of nowhere but she does a really great job in the movie as the somewhat enigmatic Isla Faust.

Cruise seems to have become the consummate professional: even if you don’t like some of his movies (I’m thinking of Oblivion as a recent example) you have to admire the obvious effort that is put into all aspects of the production.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, he does his own stunts! Here is a short video on the making of the scene where he hangs off the side of a plane as it takes off:

Easy love by Sigala

Following on from my last post about “Uptown Funk”, I heard another great fun song the other day, also heavily influenced by sounds from the past: “Easy Love” by Sigala. The song has strong overtones/undertones (samples) of “ABC” by The Jackson 5.

Here’s a great video featuring dozens of dance scenes from moves (and also The Jackson 5 from back in the day!)

Uptown Funk

Uptown Funk is a fabulous song. I guess people have got a little sick of it because it has been overplayed – but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a great song.

One of the reasons I like it is pretty obvious: when I first heard it I couldn’t believe that Prince wasn’t involved.

Overall it sounds like a Prince song. And it’s hard to believe that the guitar piece that starts at 3:12 isn’t Prince!

Other people hear overtones of other songs/artists. Some people hear The Time.

Mark Ronson himself admits that the song “animates a Minneapolis groove”.

And apparently the members of The Gap Band have been given song-writing credit because of similarities to “Oops! Upside Your Head”.

Ronson is pretty upfront about his attitude to sampling. He even gave a TED talk about it.

In any event, here is the song for you to enjoy:

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