I mentioned in my last post that Scott Adkins must be busy with other things as he hasn’t made any “Art of Action” videos recently.

Well IMDB tells me that he has released seven (!) movies since he released Ip Man 4 in 2019.

And that he has another five in some stage production.

Busy man indeed!

The most recent movie of his which I saw was “One Shot”.  I really enjoyed it. It has a decent story, loads of action, and it looks as if it was all filmed in “one shot”. Quite an achievement!

The other exciting news for Scott Adkins fans like myself is that he has a role in “John Wick: Chapter 4” along with Donnie Yen.

Now I have experienced a lot of disappointment over the years with looking forward to sequels. But I am hoping that this one will work out, given the quality of chapters 1-3.