In my old blog, I mentioned how great it was that Today FM had the unbeatable combination of Ian Dempsey and Ray D’Arcy from 7 AM to midday.

Then I blogged about the mistake they were making by letting Ray go. But the station still had my favourite presenter, and my favourite show: Friday Night 80s.

Then in the middle of last year, they (the station management) decided to put an end to Friday Night 80s. I never got around to blogging about that for some reason. Second big mistake, IMHO.

I wondered at the time if another station might pick it up. Well, I did a search today and Nova has taken on the mantle. Good for them. I will give it a list tomorrow (on podcast) to see if it is up to scratch.

Today FM had better hang on to Iano with everything they have. I can’t really think of any other compelling reason for anyone to listen to the station.