It’s hard to believe that it is 50 years today since the British army opened fire on innocent people in Derry city, killing 13 on the day and 1 some weeks later. Six of those men were only 17 years of age.

And in the intervening 50 years there have been two inquiries and even an apology from the British Prime Minister but not a single soldier has been jailed for those killings.

The families of the victims still demand justice.

When we were on holiday in Donegal a few years ago we joined the Bloody Sunday walking tour.  It was very good good and helped us to understand the events of the day and the repercussions. I took the photo below of one of the murals.

I know it has been 50 years but I still hope that the perpetrators of these killings will be bought to justice one day.


Derry Mural