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Month: October 2015 (page 1 of 2)

Back to the Future day

Today is the 21st of October, 2015. It is the day which Marty McFly went to in the movie “Back to the Future part II”.

The movie was made in 1989, over 25 years ago. How many movies get a day named after them over a quarter of a century later?!

There have been lots of articles over the last few days about the predictions which the movie got right about the future (flat screen TVs, etc.), the things that we don’t have yet (hoverboards, flying cars, self-tying laces, weather control, etc.), and the things they missed completely (the Internet).

I love the first movie, and I love the trilogy. I bought the first movie on DVD years ago and then I bought the trilogy.

I still think this trilogy makes more sense than any other time travel movie (although the “Bill and Ted” movies had some novel ideas).

I had hoped to watch the movie this evening but there just wasn’t time. Maybe tomorrow or at the weekend.

I did watch enough though to get this still from the DVD showing the time when Doc Brown brought Marty and Jennifer to the future to because “something’s gotta be done about your kids”.


Evening Sky Photo

This photo was taken outside our house in Malahide on the 8th of August.

The sky was amazing that evening, as you can see below.

No filters. No Photoshop. No trickery of any kind. Just an Android phone.


Hook Head Photo

Hook Head is a beautiful part of the country.

Around the lighthouse itself there are some fabulous rock formations.

This photo shows a little example:


Rugby World Cup

Rob Brydon tweeted the following the other day: “Very proud of what Wales have done in this World Cup, in the face of such injury problems. What remarkable heart and courage!”

I couldn’t say it better myself but the surprising things is that I would be talking about the Irish team!

So perhaps there is a common experience for many countries who are knocked out of the competition.

The whole country was so proud of the way the Irish team won all four pool matches, especially the last game against France.

Not only was that the game we need to win to avoid having to play the All Blacks, but we also lost our two superheroes during the game: Paul O’Connell and Jonathan Sexton. It was such a fine performance.

All of which made it very difficult to take the defeat to Argentina yesterday.

The thing about sport is that there are always “what ifs”. We will always wonder how we would have performed against Argentina if O’Connell, Sexton, Peter O’Mahony, Jared Payne, and Sean O’Brien had been playing. But we will never know.

What we do know is:

  • It was a very disappointing end to Paul O’Connell’s Irish career. He was a fantastic player and leader – up there with the very best.
  • We will have to wait another 4 years to try to progress beyond the quarter finals
  • The southern hemisphere teams showed very clearly over the weekend that the still dominate the northern hemisphere teams, winning all 4 matches (although only by the skin of their teeth in Australia’s case – hard luck Scotland)

Here is a photo of O’Connell and Sexton before our hearts were broken:


Amazing Wall Photo

This amazing wall can be see in the “2 Grand Canal Square” building, in Dublin,  home to William Fry and a number of other companies.

I believe the words are related to a James Joyce novel (Finnegan’s Wake, I am told) but I find it hard to see myself.

It you find yourself in the area then you should pop in.


Early Morning Sky Photo

As I mentioned in my last post, the camera on your smartphone often fails to do justice to something which is so impressive to the eye.

The sky looked amazing from Blackrock Dart station last week (you can also see a little bit of Howth in the distance).


Sunrise Photo

Sometimes you see something that looks amazing, and you just have to grab your phone to take a snap.

But generally, as below, your smartphone fails to capture the majesty of whatever you’re seeing!

The photo was of the sunrise lighting up trees and houses early one morning last week:


Stone Stacking

This is completely amazing: Gravity Glue.

Inspired by these accomplishments, I made my own small, simple stack on Malahide beach last weekend:



Cool Stuff – Smartphone Hologram

This is clever. You can cut up an old CD case (who needs CDs any more) and you can use it to view 3D videos on your smartphone.

You can find suitable videos here.

Cool Stuff – YouTube 360

Every now and then technology manages to surprise you.

A while ago someone showed me YouTube 360.

The idea is simple: you take a 360 degree video, and you tie it in with a viewer on a phone so that you can turn the phone to see different parts of the video.


Just search for “360” in YouTube.

Here’s an example (which might not look great on your laptop/desktop but will look great on your mobile):

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