Today is the 21st of October, 2015. It is the day which Marty McFly went to in the movie “Back to the Future part II”.

The movie was made in 1989, over 25 years ago. How many movies get a day named after them over a quarter of a century later?!

There have been lots of articles over the last few days about the predictions which the movie got right about the future (flat screen TVs, etc.), the things that we don’t have yet (hoverboards, flying cars, self-tying laces, weather control, etc.), and the things they missed completely (the Internet).

I love the first movie, and I love the trilogy. I bought the first movie on DVD years ago and then I bought the trilogy.

I still think this trilogy makes more sense than any other time travel movie (although the “Bill and Ted” movies had some novel ideas).

I had hoped to watch the movie this evening but there just wasn’t time. Maybe tomorrow or at the weekend.

I did watch enough though to get this still from the DVD showing the time when Doc Brown brought Marty and Jennifer to the future to because “something’s gotta be done about your kids”.