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Blade Runner

I mentioned the movie Blade Runner (one of my all time favourites) in a post yesterday.

By coincidence I learned two interesting things relating to the movie today:

  • Today (8 Jan 2016) was Roy Batty’s (played by Rutger Hauer) “incept date” in the movie! When BR came out in 1982 I guess it seemed somewhat reasonable that we would have robots/androids/replicants by now. Amazing how slow progress has been on robotics since then.
  • It has been confirmed that Harrison Ford (with the success of the new Star Wars movie) is “the highest-grossing actor of all time at the U.S. box office”. With a current tally of $4.7bn (yes – that is “billion dollars”) he has pushed Samuel L. Jackson into second place. And what makes this even more amazing is that SW is still raking in money, and new Blade Runner and Indiana Jones moves are apparently on the way!

Here is a picture of Ford and Hauer together in BR:

Deckard and Batty

Movie Updates

There are a number of movies which I am looking forward to, as mentioned in my old blog. This post contains an update about them.

The first is the Blade Runner sequel. We don’t know when this will start filming (never mind having a release date) but we do know that:

  • Harrison Ford will be in it (probably a fairly small role)
  • Ridley Scott will be a producer
  • Ryan Gosling will star
  • Denis Villeneuve will direct
  • Hampton Fancher will return to do the script
  • Sean Young will not be in it

BR is one of my all-time-favourite movies. So I’m pretty excited.

Here is a good article which includes a video where Scott confirms that Deckard is a replicant (Ford is on record as saying that he is not). Since we’re going to see a much older Deckard it seems unlikely that he is!

The second movie which I mentioned previously is the one based on Satori which is an authorised sequel  to my favourite book: Shibumi by Trevanian. This is supposed to star for Leonardo DiCaprio. Unfortunately these is no update on this in IMDB.

The third is “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny” which I mentioned in my old blog (the title has changed a little since then). I am including the trailer for this below. The bad news is that there seems to be some pretty dodgy CG work. The good (and surprising to me) news is that the movie will be released on Netflix on the 26th of Feb. So we don’t have to wait much longer!

New Sherlock Homes Story!

The BBC reports that a new Sherlock Holmes story penned by none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has been uncovered, “more than a hundred years after it was first published”.


As a huge fan of these stories I must confess to being very excited when I read this.

I read all of the books in my youth, and I listened to all of the stories again quite recently.

I am also a fan of the two movies with Robert Downey Junior (there is speculation on IMDB that a third movie is on the way). And more recently I have very much enjoyed the TV series with Benedict Cumberbatch (huge fan of his also).

And I mentioned in my previous blog how much I liked the TV series “House M.D.” which was based to some extent on the Holmes concept.

To return to the newly discovered story:

  • The story itself is available to read here
  • This article casts doubt on whether or not it was really written by Doyle


Star Trek Continues – New Episode

I mentioned “Star Trek Continues” in April 2014 in my old blog. At that stage there were only 2 episodes available.

It seems to be going from strength to strength and now there are 5 episodes. The latest (“Divided We Stand”) is the first to be filmed on location.

Full marks to the cast and crew for creating such an excellent tribute to TOS.

Here is a picture of the cast, downloaded from the website:


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