It’s been a tough year for losing icons of music.

On January 10th we lost David Bowie, just two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his album Blackstar.

On January 18th we lost Glen Frey of the Eagles, at just 67.

On the 19th my friend Peter sent me an email saying “Prince could be next!”

I replied saying that Prince was only 57 so there were lots of people to go before him.

I couldn’t believe my ears on April 21st when I learned that Prince Rogers Nelson had indeed passed away!

As he said in his song “Sometimes it snows in April” and “all good thing they say never last”.

The man was a genius. I was lucky enough to see him live in Malahide Castle in 2011.

It’s sad to think that a man like that was alone when he died and was only found the following morning.

There have been a number of surprises since his death which I will cover in a future post. But for now here is a clip of him playing in Malahide, including the aforementioned “Sometimes is snows in April”:

More videos available here