Netflix released “The OA” on Friday 16th December. I had the misfortune to hear a critic on the radio two days previously raving about the first episode which she had seen and talking about how she couldn’t wait to see the remaining seven episodes.

So we started watching and watched the last 3 episodes yesterday.

The first episode is pretty good, but each episode gets worse and worse as the series progresses. You keep hoping that it will pick up again, or at least that the last episode will provide the pay-off for which you have been waiting, but that never happens. In fact the last episode is the worst and the most ridiculous. IMDB has an overall rating of 8.1 for the series with the last three episodes getting the lowest individual ratings.

The show’s creators have defended the show and the ending. One said:

I think we felt that’d really be good about the ending of this, that our interpretation is less important than the audience’s. … but as writers, we’ve always maintained the idea that our interpretations of them doesn’t matter as much as the audience’s

With them saying gobbledygook like this in real life, it’s no wonder the show makes no sense whatsoever.

There is talk on the web of a second season. Hopefully Netflix will have too much sense to let that happen.

Normally I like to include a photo with a post but I’m afraid this series does not deserve one.