I mentioned in my old blog that I can waste a lot of time on YouTube. It’s a real time sink.

But until recently I didn’t subscribe to anyone.

That has all changed now and I have subscribed to the following channels:

  • Ben Eater’s YouTube channel where he is building a computer using TTL chips. I mentioned this in a previous blog post.
  • The Coding Train by Daniel Shiffman.  This guys is also a genius. He teaches coding in JavaScript (with p5.js) and Java (with Processing). Completely addictive. The first guy I have watched live-streaming on YouTube.
  • DK YOO. Genius martial artist from Korea. This guy has learned different martial arts and he is SOOOO fast. Just amazing.
  • StarTrekContinues. Star Trek fan films with (new actors playing) Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Very, very well done. The driving force behind it is Vic Mignogna. He plays Kirk and he also paid for the first episode out of his own savings! When I last mentioned this there were only five episodes. Now there are nine! They are only planning to make ten in total unfortunately now that CBS have issued new restrictions for fan films.
  • JoJo’s channel. She is a brilliant singer/song writer who has not had the success which she deserves.
  • Mr. Sci-Fi. This is my latest discovery and obsession. Marc Scott Zicree  is a writer, producer, director who loves science fiction and who has a lot to say on the subject. He wrote episodes for ST: TNG, Babylon 5, ST:DS9 and lots more. He is making a new science fiction show called “Space Command“. Very interesting guy.

So basically I have gone from zero subscriptions to six very quickly!