Before I leave the topic of the new Start Wars movie,a few additional thoughts.

Firstly, I want to pick up the issue of the lack of originality which I mentioned in my recent post.

J.J. Abrams has addressed this issue in an interview. I, for one, cannot accept his explanation. I still think it’s just something akin to laziness. In a similar vein, for years we have been hearing this stuff about how the first movie in a series cannot be great because it needs to deal with the set-up and exposition. It is important to bear in mind that (a) episode 4 was brilliant even though it really was the first and (b) this is episode 7 not episode 1!

Secondly we are seeing a lot about how the movie is breaking box office records. It’s interesting to see that it has a long way to go to catch Episode 4 when you adjust for inflation. And a long way to go to catch Avator when you consider global box office rather than just US box office.

Finally, I am wondering why Supreme Leader Snoke was created using CGI when Abrams talks so much about getting away from green screen etc. Why not just have an actor in make-up?