When you’re a genius, people tend to make allowances for strange behaviour. It’s often referred to as being eccentric.

Prince was certainly a genius. And he was certainly a little odd.

He spent a few years with no name, for example.

Kevin Smith has videos on YouTube where he shares stories about Prince’s oddness.

But the strangest story about Prince must surely relate to the time shortly after he and his wife Mayte Garcia-Nelson lost their son, Boy Gregory, to Pfeiffer syndrome just a week after his birth. Obviously this was very tragic and was difficult for both of them to deal with.

The strange part of the story is that Oprah interviewed Prince and Mayte a few days later in Paisley Park and when Oprah asked Prince about the health of his son, he answered: “Well, our family exists. We’re just beginning it. And we’ve got many kids to have, a long way to go.”

Now that is very weird. And very sad. You can see it here: