If you have to look for a silver lining in losing Price far too soon (which is not at all easy) then one thing is that there seems to be a lot of new material about his highness appearing on the web (Prince’s people seemed to be very good at preventing this during his life).

Well perhaps they still are, because the first YouTube channel I was going to mention is now empty. It is called “Positivity” and contained lots of early versions of songs which were released later. Here is the link in case it starts to work again.

Here’s another one called “Prince Unreleased Music” and another called “Prince Unreleased Music 2“.

And here’s one called “Prince’s Friend“. And “Prince of Paisley Park“. And “Purple Reign“. And “Lifelinz“.

I guess we have the comfort of knowing that Prince famously has lots of unreleased material in Paisley Park and his estate may decide to release some of this in the future.