I went to see Room last night. I had some reservations when my wife suggested it but:

  1. It has an Irish director, writer, and is partially backed by the Irish Film Board
  2. My wife had been told by friends that it was “uplifting”.

Let me start by saying that it is not uplifting. It is what I was expecting – hard to watch.

It is very well made. Lenny and Emma did a great job, and Brie Larson (who won the SAG award last night, beating the lovely Saoirse Ronan) and Jacob Tremblay are excellent.

But even though I can see how well executed the movie was, I could not really recommend it as a good night out.

Anyone who knows the story, knows why “Room” is a good title for the movie (and the book). But it’s not really a good title for the Internet if you want people to be able to find information about the book/movie!

The photo above shows a happy Brie and Jacob together.